Use your imagination DIY

创作从DIY开始Creation starts with DIY

近来因受肺炎疫情影响,宅在家里的中国人民,兴起了一股强劲的DIY风气。Recently affected by the pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese people who live at home have developed a strong DIY atmosphere.

DIY食物是宅家主妇们的兴趣所在,微信上天天都是主妇们狂晒的蛋糕,面包冰淇淋等,自已制作的食物照片和视频。DIY food is the interest of housewives. On WeChat, every day, housewives are baking cakes, pastries, bread ice cream, and other food photos and videos.

其实DIY风气在中国大陆早就有的。上世纪六七十年代,中国大陆生活物资匮乏,贫困的人们学会了用有限的资源,DIY自己生活必需品。In fact, DIY has long been established in mainland China. In the 1960s and 1970s, mainland China was short of living materials, and poor people learned to use limited resources to DIY their own necessities.

那时,我们买不起棉衣。只能用纱手套改编成棉衣,用来御寒。这种纱织毛衣粗糙而通风,保暖性能极差。At that time, we couldn’t afford cotton clothes, and we could only use yarn gloves to make sweaters. This kind of yarn knitted sweaters were rough and airy, and had poor thermal performance.

到了八十年代改革开放后,受西方时尚的影响,年轻人都喜欢穿喇叭裤留长头发。那时候市面上买不到喇叭裤,也没有一家国营理发店愿意给你理长发。After the reform and opening up in the 1980s, influenced by western fashion, young people like to wear flared pants to keep long hair. At that time, no flared pants were available on the market, and no state-owned barber shop was willing to give you long hair.

怎么办?答案只有一种自己动手DIY。我在21岁时,就自己裁缝了第一套衣服,包臀低腰喇叭裤,瘦身宽肩夹克衫。至于理发烫发,男女都是互助完成的。How to do? The only answer is DIY. When I was 21 years old, I tailored my first dress, including hips and low-waist flared pants, and a slim wide-shoulder jacket. As for haircut and perm, both men and women help each other.

今天,大陆的人们使用的台式电脑,大多数还是自己组装的,原因是自己组装价格便宜。至于网络技术,大陆的人们要翻过高墙,越过大海,更加需要DIY的精神。Today, most of the desktop computers used by people on the mainland are assembled by themselves, because they are cheap to assemble by themselves. As for network technology, people on the mainland have to go over high walls and cross the sea, and they need the spirit of DIY.

Hanning NB


Like fitness, love creation, willing to explore and pursue happiness.

Use your imagination DIY 有 “ 2 則迴響 ”


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